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Privacy Act Statement (5 U.S.C. § 552a, as amended): AUTHORITY: DOT is authorized to collect information in this application under 5 U.S.C. 7905, Programs to encourage commuting by means other than single occupancy motor vehicles, and 26 U.S.C. 132(f), Qualified Transportation Fringe, and Executive Order 13150- Federal Workforce Transportation.
PURPOSE: DOT will use the information to administer transit benefits to qualifying federal employees and facilitate timely processing of requests.
ROUTINE USE(S): In accordance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) system of records notice, DOT/ALL 8, Parking and Transit Benefit System, 80 FR 64493, October 23, 2015 the information provided may be disclosed to (a) the Federal agency for whom DOT administers a transit benefit program, for purposes of verifying that agency's employee's participation in the program, and auditing and verifying disbursements; and to the operators of transit systems or vanpools for purposes of activating, distributing, and verifying benefits. A comprehensive list of routine uses can be found in DOT/ALL 8.
DISCLOSURE: Provision of the requested information is voluntary; however, failure to furnish the requested information may result in an inability of the Department to administer Federal transit benefits.

You are accessing a U.S. Government information system, which includes this computer, the computer network on which it is connected, all other computers connected to this network, and all storage media connected to this computer or other computers on this network. This information system is provided for U.S Government use only. Unauthorized or improper use of this information may result in disciplinary action, as well as civil and criminal penalties. By using this information system you consent to the following:
1) You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communications or data transiting this network or stored in this information system.
2) At any time, and for any lawful government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.
3) Any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any lawful government purpose.

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